Ronald Novel, Owner
 Plastic products that we use and depend on every day require a Plastic Injection Mold to produce them. Items ranging from plastic caps, closures and containers for medical, cosmetics and food and beverage packaging to electrical connectors and devices used in your car, telecommunication devices that bring you television, cell phone and Internet, as well as a myriad of life-saving medical devices. X-Cell Tool and Mold utilizes the latest in engineering and manufacturing technology blended with the art of toolmaking to construct molds that produce products such as these every day. Owner Ron Novel has seen his company grow from an 800-square-foot space to a 24,000-square-foot modern facility. The experienced team at X-Cell, made up of designers, engineers and toolmakers, create specifications, develop the mold and manufacture your products based on specific needs. They provide design, mold and component manufacturing, emergency repairs, mold sampling/validation and production runs. X-Cell also has all of the toolmaking expertise and equipment required. Their machinery includes the latest in state-of-the-art CNC machines along with traditional tool & die equipment. X-Cell employs some of the best toolmakers, designers and craftsmen in this area. We at X-Cell have applied old fashion work ethics to modern plastic manufacturing processes with a heavy emphasis on quality and customer service. “We treat our customers with respect, give them a positive attitude and provide timely delivery of a quality product,” says Novel. “Those qualities are what set us apart from our competitors.” With the management team having over 120 years of combined experience and a commitment to continued growth and innovation, you can trust X-Cell for your plastic injection mold needs. “We are large enough to do the job well and small enough to provide the personalized service that we all appreciate.” DIRECTIONS VIA GOOGLE MAPS

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