MOLD QUALIFICATION SERVICES Our goal is to provide qualification services based on your input and objectives. From standard qualification (mold sampling) to more advanced services, X-Cell’s team has the experience and knowledge to effectively qualify and evaluate your mold. Contact our Sales, Engineering or Quality Assurance departments for more information on qualification of your new or existing molds. X-Cell’s validation capabilities include IQ, OQ, PQ, PPAP, and all associated measurement, testing, and statistical analysis. An optimized injection molding process is built through the use of scientific molding principles by establishing a decoupled process. By separating the injection phase from pack and hold, it is much easier to create a wide processing window while identifying process limitations or potential obstacles.

A Short-Shot Study is performed to compare the actual polymer flow front to that which was originally estimated through melt flow simulation software. Standard performance tests performed on X-Cell’s molds to determine optimum injection velocity include: Fill Flow Study, Injection Speed Linearity, and Cavity Imbalance. A Gate Seal Study is performed to determine appropriate hold time. Other processing tests and analyses are performed as needed depending on part characteristics, material, and process ability. All process parameters are documented and provided to the customer along with pertinent molding machine information at tool shipment. It is our mission to provide the customer with a mold that is completely debugged and production ready.

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